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Greek born Andre Lascaris received his MFA from the American Film Institute. He ventured into narrative storytelling as a cinematographer, shooting critically acclaimed features such as Marianna Palka’s Good Dick, Jessie and Ed Zwick’s About Alex, and Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Dads. Andre has also photographed and produced the controversial documentary Stolen Seas, which examines modern day piracy off the coast of Somalia. His one of a kind experience on the piracy documentary led him to conceive the story for Unmanned, which was bought by Keanu Reeves’ company to be produced by Chris Morgan. His upcoming projects include, Amphora, which he co-wrote with his frequent collaborator, Tatia Pilieva, and an adaptation of Hermann Hesse’s Demian. Some of his music video and commercial clients include U2, Rita Ora, Ford, Nike, Audible, Facebook, and Lufthansa among others.

Festivals & Awards

Black Stone
Audience Award & Best New Director: Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Audience Award & Jury Special Award: Trieste International Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival
Telluride Film Festival
Toronto Film Festival

Toronto Film Festival

Playdates (TV Pilot Showcase)

First Kiss (Commercial)
Cannes Golden Lion
Clio Award

About Alex

When You Find Me
Shortlisted for an Academy Award: Live Action Short Category
Perfect Spirit Film Awards: Best Cinematography

Ass Backwards

Stolen Seas
Locarno International Festival: Winner of the Boccalino D’Oro
John Schlesinger Award
Palm Springs Film Festival: Best Documentary

Perfect Family

Good Dick
Sundance: Dramatic Competition
Edinburgh International Film Festival: Best New Director Award

Left At the Rio Grand
Emmy: Drama Category

Adidas (Olympian Commercial)
Telly Award: Best Cinematography
Addy Award: Best Cinematography

Selected press

About Alex establishes a loose limbed vibe further fostered by the warm hues of Andre Lascaris’ cinematography and enveloping intimacy.”

Good Dick displays impressive technical polish with the aid of cameraman Andre Lascaris. Thanks to his efforts, there are moments of tranquil beauty akin to a David Gordon Green film.”

“Black Stone is a rare cinematic confection with a perfect visual punchline”
—Screen Daily 

Stolen Seas is a visceral and dangerous 90-minute immersion into a head-spinning pulse-pounding thriller where lawlessness applies to all sides.”

Good Dick is gorgeously, smartly shot by Andre Lascaris, in a manner that feeds the shuttered world view of its wounded protagonists. Unconcerned with, and unburdened by the traditional notions of both feminine centeredness and masculine chivalry.”
—LA City Beat

“Andre Lascaris, the director of photography, sneaks in subtle moments of cinematic beauty—the sunlight breaking in through Palka's car window in the opening scene or the wind gently inflating the makeshift plastic covering the broken window above her kitchen sink, as if the apartment were living and breathing.”
—Tiny Mix Tapes

Stolen Seas is a potent hybrid of fresh reportage, found footage and dramatization that shed a bracing light on the socioeconomics of high-seas piracy.”
—Hollywood Reporter

American Cinematographer, Short Takes: When You Find Me︎︎︎